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Most schools and churches don’t have everything they need to easily and consistently produce professional-quality live streams.

Whether you’re DIYing it or working with a streaming vendor, you probably don’t have everything you need to consistently create seamless, professional live streams. Which of these scenarios have you experienced?


Your gear isn't working together the way it's supposed to


Facebook or YouTube cut off your stream


Going live feels incredibly stressful


Customer support is slow and impersonal


Parents or church members are upset with the slow, choppy broadcast quality


You get unexpected bills for data usage


There's no one to train your team


Something goes wrong minutes before going live and there's no one to help

live streaming sports, church services, and schools

“When WSN found me, I wasn’t really looking for something better because I didn’t know there was something better. WSN’s tech support is fantastic with real people, knowledgeable humans who answer the phone when you call. WSN is great.”

Trevon Broad

Director of WA Live, Woodward Academy

video churches

We give you everything you need to consistently produce professional-quality live streams you and your audience will love.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been broadcasting for years, our veteran team will make sure you get the right gear, the best network option, and tech support that’s just a call or text away.

  • Top grade equipment designed to work together
  • We build it for you
  • From cameras to mixing boards to the right computer – we have you covered
  • Includes a custom-built streaming website
  • We train your team
  • Get tech support for your gear, not just streaming
  • Easy-to-use streaming software
  • Redundant networks for rock-solid reliability
  • Stream on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, and your website
  • Multi-bit streaming so your audience always gets the best quality
  • Weekly viewer analytics reports
  • Unlimited archives
  • Go live whenever you want (no scheduling required)
  • You own your content
  • We train your team whenever needed
  • Video tutorials
  • Unlimited support and training
  • All-inclusive billing
  • Work with the same tech team members
  • Support via phone, text, email, and the website
  • Expert support team—with years of broadcast experience

We’ve been helping schools and churches create great live streams since 2010.

In 2022 alone, we had…

views of our customers' videos

hours of broadcasts watched

average viewing time per event

Watch class on phone

Empowering schools from football to graduation.

Live streaming your school activities – from everyday classes to Friday night games – should keep you, students, parents, and your community connected. We help you deliver fantastic broadcasts your audience will rave about every single time.

graduation live stream
Worship live stream

Serving churches from Sunday morning to Saturday night.

Staying connected to your church family has never been more critical. And it’s never been more challenging. We make connecting to your congregation easier with our turnkey solution. With WSN, you’re always covered.

Mobilizing sports teams from the diamond to the gym.

Keep your fans excited by making it easy for them to watch every game, whether at home or on the road. Whether you’re just starting to live stream your games or you’ve been streaming for years, our team can help you elevate your game.

sports live stream

Here’s what you can expect from us.

We take care of you from getting the right equipment to supporting you with game time tech support.


Get the right equipment from day one—no wasted time or money


We train your team whenever needed—and we mean whenever


You'll get prompt help from our support team—even five minutes before you go live


You'll stream over the fastest most reliable data network without the glitches, lag time, and hiccups


You won't get any surprise bills—it's all-inclusive billing


We've got your back from A to Z—we're your partner, not just a vendor

“We struggled with dropped signal, with buffering, with delayed digital offerings for years. But ever since we switched to WSN Streaming, it has been the best decision for not only our church, but for our congregation and for our community.”

David Brown

Executive Director of Creative Services, Brown Missionary Baptist Church

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We help you get up and running—from color-coded plug and play gear to game time support. We’ve got you covered from A to Z.

The other guys just come up short. Make sure you get everything you need to create fantastic live streams your audience will love.

What you get with the other guys:


Shared Apple TV app


Text-only customer support


They own your content


They keep a portion of your ad revenue

What you only get from WSN Live:


Your own Apple TV app


800#, text, online, and email support


You own your content


You keep 100% of the ad revenue you generate


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