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Your fans want to stay engaged. WSN Live’s sports live streaming solution makes that possible, especially in these days of social distancing. No matter where your audience lives, you can keep them engaged with every home game and every road trip.

Whether you’re just starting to live stream your team’s games or you’ve been streaming for years, you’ve probably run into your fair share of challenges and frustrations. Maybe it’s broadcasting equipment that’s not cooperating, dealing with choppy connections that make the game hard to watch, or lackluster support from your streaming vendor.

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What’s Holding Your Team’s Live Streaming Back?

If you’re tackling live streaming on your own and relying on Facebook and YouTube, or you’re working with a live streaming vendor, there’s a good chance you are facing live streaming challenges that keep you and your audience from enjoying the professional broadcasts you want to deliver.

Are you doing it on your own?

If you’ve started from scratch and built out your live broadcasting setup on your own, you fully understand every challenge and headache that goes with it. And if you’re relying primarily on Facebook and YouTube to stream your games, then you know all too well the difficulties of those channels. And while there are many helpful articles and how-to videos for when you need help, it doesn’t take the place of live tech support—especially when something isn’t working five minutes before game-time.

Are you stuck with a less-than-stellar streaming vendor?

Maybe you’re working with another live streaming vendor. Many of the teams we help were using another live streaming provider before they switched to WSN Live. While other services talk a good game, they lack several essential things that can make or break your broadcast.

What teams experience before working with WSN Live:


With Equipment

  • Not sure what equipment to buy
  • Don’t have a “tech” person to advise you
  • Purchased gear that’s not working
  • Your live streaming vendor requires you to use their specialized gear
  • They won’t give you advice on which gear to buy
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With Facebook and YouTube

  • Copyright issues
  • Getting live streams and video uploads rejected on YouTube and Facebook for violating their community standards
  • They own the content you post, not you
  • No customer support
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Reaching Your Audience With Another Service

  • Poor streaming quality – it’s choppy and full of interruptions and pauses
  • Dropped signals which lead to frustrated viewers
  • Delays lasting up to 8 minutes
  • Fans can’t easily watch when or where they want to
  • You can’t go live on-demand because everything has to be scheduled in advance
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Lackadaisical Support

  • Their support isn’t great and isn’t available when you need them most (e.g. on Friday night five minutes before the game)
  • They won’t help with gear questions
  • Limited support hours and never the same person
  • They won’t give you any guidance or support for your gear
  • They keep part of your ad revenue
  • Getting unexpected invoices for data overages

Live streaming should make the games more enjoyable, not create more headaches for you.

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WSN Live Makes Live Streaming Your Team’s Games Easier

We’ve been helping schools and sports teams live stream professional-quality broadcasts since 2010. We offer the only turnkey solution for all variety of sports teams—basketball, football, baseball—which means when you work with us, you get everything you need for consistent, professional, and seamless live streams that are easy for your team to run and for your audience to find and watch.

The WSN Live platform is exceptionally flexible, so you can stream what you want when you want:


Any sporting event—football, basketball, baseball, soccer, whatever type of game you want to broadcast


Post-game show


Coach’s show


Player interviews

You can stream to an unlimited number of locations, so it’s easy for your people to watch wherever they are and on whichever device or network they choose.

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Whether you’re streaming for the first time or you’ve been doing it for years, we support you from A to Z.


We get you set up with the right gear


We get you prepped and ready for your broadcast

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When you go live, we're right there with you (virtually, or course)


Get everything you need after the broadcast

“It’s brought us to a new level. We’ve been able to bring Northeast Mississippi Community College into so many different homes. It’s been able to promote our athletic programs in a much better manner. We’ve averaged well over a hundred athletic events that we broadcast every year since we’ve signed on with WSN. Any setup for a stream takes time, but this is just the easiest thing that I’ve ever come across.”

Blake Long

Sports Information Director, Northeast Mississippi Community College

Everything You Need For Live Streaming Your Sporting Events


Easy to use streaming software


You don't have to worry about Facebook or YouTube cutting you off


Get a dedicated website for streaming and archiving all your broadcasts—your fans can watch from anywhere


Redundant networks, so streams don't get interrupted or delayed


Unlimited streaming and archiving—fans can go back and watch their favorite moments


Anytime analytical reports—you'll know how engaged your fans are


Stream multiple events at once—no more coin tosses to figure out which game to show


Go live without having to schedule it ahead of time


You own your content, not the other guys


Run ads during the game and keep 100% of the ad revenue


Advanced multi-bit streaming for the best quality stream, every time (happy parents!)


Flat rate billing, so you don't get any unexpected charges


Did we mention? You get unlimited support and training for gear and broadcasting, even on Friday nights


Direct access to our entire support team through texting, a phone call, or our website


Training for your team whenever you need it


Want to charge fans to watch the game—setting up a paywall is easy!


Broadcast from your phone for a quick post-game interview with our Broadcaster App


Digitize the scoreboard with our OCR software—no more keeping up with it manually


Other new features we're rolling out this year!

Get started with live streaming that your team will love.


Let’s talk about what you need to produce live stream experiences everyone will love.


We’ll review options with you and help you decide what works best for you. You can also try us out with 30 days of free streaming.


Go live whenever you want. We help you get up and running with our training and support to confidently connect with your audience wherever they are.