Refer a School & Earn for Your School

Our best customers come from customers like you. As we grow, we want your school to benefit.

We are launching a new referral program designed to help your school earn valuable resources for free (including gear). Over the last decade, we’ve recognized that our best customers have typically been referred to us by other school leaders. As we continue to grow and offer new services, we want to make sure that we stay laser-focused on who we can serve best.

How it Works

1. Help us book a meeting with another school leader (principal, coach, AD) and we’ll give your school a free graphics package worth $500. Additionally, we’ll do a $200 sponsorship for the school you refer to us once the meeting has taken place. Here’s how you can help with this:

  1. Send us the name/contact info of the person you’re referring (we’d ask that you let them know we’ll be calling and why we’re calling), or
  2. Send an email introducing us to them, or
  3. Work with us to schedule the meeting.
  4. Note: The person you are referring us to needs to know that we are contacting them; simply giving us a name won’t suffice.

2. There’s more. If the school you refer to us becomes a customer (includes purchasing gear + ongoing streaming and support), your school will receive a $2,500 gear credit you can use for upgrades or new gear. For the school you refer, we’ll give them an OCR digital scoreboard package worth $1,000.

Note: your school will receive the $2,500 gear credit when the school you refer buys gear from us as well. If they only buy the service plan, your school will receive 10% of the plan cost (a one-time payment).

And there’s no cap on how many of these rewards you can earn for your school!

Terms & Conditions

Schools must put WSN in contact with the referral and stand behind that referral up to and including getting on a call with the referral and WSN. Once the referral becomes a client of WSN, we will contact the referring school to determine what rewards they qualify for based on the purchase of the client referred.

Refer a School

To refer a school, please complete this form. Once you submit this information, we will follow up with you regarding the next steps.