Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is live video streaming difficult?

A. With some companies “YES!” Some of these companies require multiple software applications running simultaneously to assist with live streaming setup procedures. BUT with WSN it is as simple as three easy steps.

Q. What makes my live video stream buffer and skip?

A. This happens when you are pushing more information than your software can handle. WSN can show you how this happens and how to have the best production possible.

Q. What makes WSN so different?

A. WSN is the only company that offers a true “turnkey” product on the market. From equipment, to streaming service, to website player design and maintenance, to our personal technical support staff, WSN helps you look your best.

Q. When I live stream an event who owns the content?

A. With WSN, YOU will always own your content to move, download or delete the recording. It’s yours to decide

Q. How can I make money with live video streaming?

A. WSN offers the ability to generate revenue by selling commercials during your broadcasts to local and regional businesses in your area. The amount of ad revenue you can generate depends on your market and the effort your team wants to dedicate. We have had some clients sell over $100,000.00 for a year of broadcasting to advertisers.