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So how do you decide the best way to live stream your church’s services and events?

One thing you can do is download this free guide, which gives you insightful information to steer you through the research and decision-making process. WSN has been helping schools and churches live stream for the last ten years, and we put this guide together to help you learn:

  • Pros and cons of using Facebook and YouTube for live streaming.
  • Questions to ask live streaming services, so you don’t get caught off guard by unexpected charges or limitations.
  • How different services stream your content and how it affects the quality and dependability of your live stream.
  • What you should expect from customer (and technical) support, so you’re not scrambling on Sunday mornings.
live streaming guide for churches

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Charlie Helms

Charlie Helms
WSN CEO & Founder

WSN has been helping schools and churches nationwide live stream services and events for the last ten years. We know that it’s critical for every live stream to look great on any device. And we know that you deserve the best customer support and training possible so you can stay focused on serving others instead of worrying about the technical stuff. Learn more about us on our website.