What High School Dance Teams Need To Start Live Streaming

Live streaming is changing the way people watch sports. Experts predict that by 2025, an estimated 90 million American viewers will stream at least one live sporting event per month. At WSN, our goal is to help high school athletes reap the benefits of online viewership. We also see this as an opportunity to put a spotlight on more than just football, basketball, and baseball teams. With the right streaming technology, high school dance teams can start getting the support they deserve.

What does your high school dance team need to start live streaming performances and competitions? Read on to find out.

Top Grade Equipment

One of the first things you’re going to need to feature your high school dance team is the right streaming equipment. This can present one of the biggest challenges for athletic directors, particularly if they don’t have experience with streaming technology.

We recommend using a multi-camera setup with advanced features like zoom and autofocus. You’ll also need access to high-speed internet to ensure that your stream doesn’t glitch or lag. Everything from the computer you use to broadcast your stream to your mixing board needs to work together, and WSN can provide all of it for you.

Streaming Software

In addition to hands-on equipment, you’ll also need access to reliable streaming software. Streaming software will give you real-time editing options. You can also use streaming software to:

  • Insert graphics or text over your footage
  • Run replays or close-up shots of specific choreography
  • Record audio commentary to enrich the viewing experience

With WSN’s proprietary streaming software, you’ll be able to edit and customize your footage with ease.

Tech and Gear Training

To skip weeks of trial and error, you’ll want to partner with experts for tech and gear training.

After getting your equipment set up, we’ll teach you how to use it to maximize the quality of your streaming footage. This includes capturing different angles with your multi-camera system, filming fast movements without losing quality, and more.

Custom-Built Live Streaming Website

To get the most out of your live streaming, you’ll need a central hub that allows viewers to keep up with your dance team. Not only can you broadcast your live stream on your website, but you can also share:

  • The dance competition and streaming schedule
  • Information about your individual dancers
  • Updates on the schedule and dance team news

A custom-built website is also the perfect place to field any messages about community sponsorships or fundraising opportunities. By live-streaming your dance team, you create opportunities for local businesses to run ad campaigns in exchange for team funding. 

Unlimited Video Archives and Content Ownership

When you’re capturing high-quality footage, you don’t want it to be a one-and-done process. Unlike many other streaming partners, WSN provides unlimited access to your video archives. You’ll own full rights to all of your footage so you can use it as you see fit.

This enables dance teams to put together highlight reels to recruit new members or build community involvement. This also makes it easy for your individual dancers to put together application materials for colleges and dance scholarships. By having access to professional footage of their routines, your dancers become more competitive applicants for future opportunities. 

Viewer Analytics

When you’re investing in live streaming technology for your high school dance team, you’re probably looking to increase more than parent viewing options. The goal is to increase community engagement while attracting the attention of dance recruiters, donors, and more. To reach that goal, it’s important to track the progress of your livestreams.

With WSN, you’ll get a weekly report outlining viewer analytics. This will tell you not only how many viewers a specific stream attracted, but also how long they kept your live stream running. With analytics, you’ll get a better sense of how things like commentary, graphics, and ad spots are impacting viewership.

Unlimited Streaming Support

What happens if your livestream stops working in the middle of a competition? What if something new and unexpected happens, like a loss of synchronization between the footage and audio?

While high-quality equipment and a strong WiFi signal can reduce the chances of this happening, you don’t want to be lost at sea if it does. We make sure someone is always available to provide streaming support when you do go live. 

Engagement Strategies

The final element you’ll need to start livestreaming your high school dance team performances is an engagement strategy. With viewer analytics and great editing tools, you can test out different strategies and make changes as you go.

To help you get started, here are a few of our top tips for maximizing engagement. From creating engaging segments to effective promotional materials, these strategies will help you get the word out and build excitement for your team’s next performance.

WSN Puts High School Dance Teams in the Spotlight 

Live streaming is revolutionizing the way people watch sports. At WSN, we’re bringing streaming opportunities to high school sports, including high school dance teams. Now that you know what you’ll need to get your dance team on the map, it’s time to partner with the best in live streaming.

WSN videos received over seven million views in a single year, with almost two million hours of live footage enjoyed by viewers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help put the spotlight on your dance team.