What Are the Challenges With School Streaming Services?

Is your school live-streaming its sporting events yet? If not, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity by not using school streaming services.

When you live-stream youth sports, you’ll create a much larger audience for your school’s sporting events. It’ll give everyone from parents to college coaches a chance to watch your student-athletes play football, basketball, baseball, and more.

You’ll also help market your school to the public. It could very well lead to an uptick in enrollment in the years to come.

You may face some challenges when implementing school streaming services, though. In this article, we’re going to highlight a few of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter when utilizing a streaming service to live-stream school sports. Check them out below.

Deciding Which Audio-Visual Equipment to Buy

If you’re going to start live-streaming your school’s sporting events, you aren’t going to want to simply set up a tablet or a laptop and call it a day. This kind of equipment usually won’t produce the best results.

Instead, you’ll need to invest in high-tech audio-visual equipment that’ll provide you with a clear picture and sound. It’ll set viewers up with a much better experience when you live-stream school sports.

It can, however, be challenging to figure out what kind of audio-visual equipment to buy if you’re not up on all the latest technology. That’s why it’ll help to work closely with one of the school streaming services that can recommend which equipment would work best for your school.

Setting Up Equipment (and Getting It All to Work!)

Simply investing in a bunch of high-tech audio-visual equipment for live-streaming youth sports isn’t going to make your streams successful. You’ll also need to know how to set up all this equipment.

This is another area in which one of the streaming services for schools can help you. They’ll be able to train you on how to set up all your audio-visual equipment. They’ll also be able to tell you how to get all this equipment working together.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on great equipment and not use it to its full potential. It’ll help to have a streaming service on your side that can show you the ropes when it comes to putting this equipment in place and connected.

Achieving the Best Streaming Quality Possible

As long as you’re able to set up your audio-visual equipment in the right way, you should be able to achieve high-quality video and audio when you start live-streaming school sports. But what if this isn’t the case?

There is a chance you might have to deal with poor streaming quality, especially if you choose to work with one of the wrong school streaming services. You may go to livestream your event and find that it’s very choppy and filled with interruptions.

A great school streaming service will be able to get to the bottom of technical difficulties like this and identify the problem. You’ll be able to get back to delivering high-quality video and audio through your live stream in no time.

Avoiding Unnecessary Live Streaming Delays

If you livestream your event and it’s delayed by a second or two, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to notice. But some school streaming services will experience serious lags that could lead to delays of up to 8 minutes.

This is not ideal for your school sports. You might have parents of your student-athletes who will start to hear from their kids while they’re still playing games going on right on their screens at home.

You’ll need to make it your mission to work with one of the best school streaming services to steer clear of these kinds of delays. It’s another thing that’ll improve the live-streaming experience for all those watching your school sports remotely.

Dealing With Unexpected Dropped Signals

In a worst-case scenario, your entire live stream might go down right in the middle of a sporting event. It’ll prevent those who are watching it in another location from seeing how things end.

Even if you’re able to restore your signal within just a few minutes, those who were watching your live stream may have given up on it by then. Your audience might not come back and try to watch a live stream from your school again.

Selecting the Right School Streaming Service

Choosing the right school streaming service for your school sports can keep you from having to deal with one headache after another.

One aspect of streaming service providers that sets them apart is the level of customer service they provide. Make sure that your provider is going to be available when you’re streaming to assist you with any issues that arise. Plus some providers like WSN provide training for students and staff.

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