Top 7 Sports Skills Viewers Love to Watch on Livestream

Sports streaming services are more popular than ever before. Livestreams bring extra excitement to as you’re watching as the game plays out in real-time. 

The question is: what kind of goals, shots, or tricks make people jump out of their chairs to cheer? Which sports skills reign supreme during these livestreams? 

We’re here to answer this question for you. Listed below are the top 8 skills every viewer love to see. Read on to learn all about them!

1. Touchdown Catch (Football)

As the most popular sport in America since 1972, it’s no wonder that the first skill on our list is from the beloved sport of football. You might get plenty of people to watch a football livestream with you, but there’s a single skill that everyone wants to see during the game.

That’s because a touchdown catch shows the sports team in its prime. There needs to be an innate balance between teamwork, athleticism, and timing for the catch to be good. 

For the height of excitement, keep a lookout for one-handed catches or catches that require an acrobatic maneuver that only comes from consistent practice. 

2. Bicycle Kicks (Soccer)

The thing to remember with bicycle kicks is that they’re relatively rare to see. Instead of making them boring, this rarity only makes them thrilling to watch live. You’ll feel lucky that you were watching at that exact moment to see a student pull it off for perhaps the first time. 

It’s a creative execution of fundamental skills that makes the skill skyrocket in difficulty. There’s always a personal flair to each bicycle kick so you’ll never see the same one twice. Once you see a team pull off a bicycle kick, you’ll want to keep watching in case it happens again. 

3. Buzzer-Beaters (Basketball)

No matter which athletic division you watch, basketball is a fast-paced sport that keeps your attention. In the blink of an eye, the whole game can change. This kind of energy shows itself to the fullest when a buzzer-beater goal happens. 

Whether it’s for the win or a tie, buzzer-beaters are the type of shot that leaves you with bated breath. You might scramble out of your chair to get a closer look at the screen. You might cringe as the ball wobbles on the rim but will cheer the loudest when it goes through the next. 

It’s such a dramatic moment in the game that it’ll stick with you for hours. With that amount of pressure on the students making the goal, it’s worth the extra celebration. 

4. Hole-in-One (Golf)

It takes a lot of practice and precision to achieve a hole-in-one. There’s always a moment of uncertainty when it comes to these shots. Will it go in or will it skim past at the last second? 

This heightens the tension of the moment and makes the reward of a hole-in-one even sweeter for everyone watching. 

5. Breakaway Goals (Hockey)

Hockey lovers are often used to the kind of tension found in games, but it’s nothing compared to the pressure the students feel. That’s why when a breakaway goal happens, it’s something to celebrate with full force. 

Getting out of a one-on-one situation like that is tricky. It requires speed, control, and an accurate reading of the opponent’s movements.

When that breakaway goal is the winning goal of the game, it’s even more exciting. Make sure to save a clip during the livestream so that you can share it with your friends and family. 

6. Aerial Maneuvers (Gymnastics/Cheerleading)

Both gymnastics and cheerleading bring a sense of competitive spirit to any event.

It’s stunning to realize the amount of strength and control aerial maneuvers require to pull off. There’s also an element of trust that the flier needs to have to do the maneuver with confidence.

Although other sports teams need trust and cooperation to succeed, gymnastics and cheerleading bring it to a whole new level. It’s no wonder why these maneuvers are a fan favorite!

7. Home Runs (Baseball)

Baseball is a sport of possibilities. With every pitch, there’s a chance that the batter will hit a home run. However, it doesn’t happen very often due to the strength, accuracy, and timing necessary to achieve one. 

That’s why it’s a jaw-dropping occasion when a student hits it out of the park. You’ll quickly be out of your seat and cheering for their success. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to see how far the ball goes and if someone in the audience will catch it. 

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