The Role of Social Media in Sports Marketing to Get Viewers

More than seven million fans pack high school football stadiums each week. The audience tends to include everyone from the players’ fellow students to friends, family, and alumni.

The bigger your following, the more your team can thrive. From building your budget to hyping up your players to attracting recruiters, a major fanbase provides major benefits.

How can you grab the attention of the entire town and beyond? It’s time to start using social media in sports marketing.

Read on to learn how to harness the power of social media to grow your fanbase.

Know Your Platforms

These days, it may seem like there are more social media platforms than anyone could possibly keep up with. The reality is that there are only five major platforms, and all of them serve a different role in sports marketing. Let’s take a look at how to use the most popular platforms to promote your team. 


Facebook is the primary platform used across demographics, though it tends to skew older. Facebook makes it easy to create fan pages and groups where you can engage with current students, parents, and alumni. 

Facebook is the best platform for multi-media posting. You can easily share text, photos, videos, and links with your fans. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser for new uniforms or increasing excitement for the next big game, Facebook is a great platform to use. 


Instagram is another platform used across demographics, though in this case, it tends to skew younger. Though there’s no limit to the length of an Instagram caption, this platform is a better go-to for photos and short-form videos than text-heavy posts.

Because Instagram is a highly aesthetic platform, it’s a great place to build and promote your team’s brand. If you’re not sure what that is, turn to college teams for a few pointers: Notre Dame is known just as readily as the Fighting Irish and everyone knows you’re talking about Alabama when you say, “Roll Tide!” Your team’s brand encompasses everything from your mascot to your school colors to your team values.


X, formerly known as Twitter, is best used for short-form text posts. When it comes to sports marketing, you’ll find sports fans tuned into X throughout the big game to catch live commentary and real-time updates. 

To make the most of X, you’re going to want to assign someone to the role of managing your team account throughout every game. X allows fans to stay up to date on your team even when they aren’t able to head to the stadium or tune into your live stream. 


One survey found that YouTube is the most used social media platform by sports enthusiasts. Because YouTube does not limit the length or size of a video, it’s a great place to share things like:

  • Pre-game predictions
  • Post-game commentary
  • Interviews with the coach and players
  • Promotional materials for the season

YouTube gives fans the chance to learn more about your team, from its history to its current stars. Focus on the quality of footage and edits and share videos of varying lengths to capture engagement across demographics.

Commit to a Better Streaming Service

High school athletic directors face a unique challenge when trying to grow viewership. When you couple consistent social media content with a high quality live streaming service, you can reach a larger audience that ever before. Let’s take a closer look at why streaming is a key part of your sports marketing strategy.

Why Stream High School Sports?

There’s no better way to build your fanbase than to give more people access to your games. Think of how many more viewers you’d get if your local hotspot could play the game on the big screen. Imagine how many alumni have moved out of town but would still love to support their alma mater.

Getting active on social media allows fans to feel like they’ve got the inside scoop and builds their sense of connection to your coach and players and live-streaming gives them another way to watch the game.

Don’t Underestimate Social Media in Sports Marketing

Building a fanbase for your high school football team comes with unique challenges. In the past, reaching out-of-towners was nearly impossible. Now, thanks to sports streaming services and social media in sports marketing, you can build an audience around the nation.

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