The Downsides of Using Social Media for Streaming

Initially, using social media for streaming your school’s sporting events might seem like it would be a great idea. Almost three-fourths of Americans are active on social media — so live-streaming sports through Facebook, YouTube, etc., might sound like a slam dunk.

But when you dig a little deeper into it, you’ll find that live streaming on social media as its downsides.

So, why shouldn’t you live stream an event on social media? Here are the top reasons why you should shy away from trying to live stream youth sports on social media.

You Might Not Have Complete Control Over Your Content

It’s important to read the terms and conditions for each social media platform you use. While you typically will retain ownership of what you stream, you often give the platform permission to use your content.

Overall, this might not be a big issue. But if something noteworthy takes place during your school’s sporting event, you’ll want to be able to have complete control of the content involving your athletes. And it might end up being difficult to do this if you made the decision to live stream an event on social media.

You Could Have a Live Stream Taken Down

Did you know that Facebook, YouTube, and most other social media platforms have the right to take a live stream down if they feel as though it goes against the rules and regulations they have in place? This could turn into a major problem if a social media platform shuts down your live stream in the middle of a sporting event.

Everyone watching this sporting event will miss out on the chance to watch it live. You’ll also have to miss a sizeable portion of the sporting event while you work on trying to bring the live stream back.

And maybe worst of all, there is a good chance you may not be able to figure out why the channel pulled your live stream. Many social media platforms are slow to respond to inquiries about why they decided to remove live streams, if they even bother to respond to them at all.

You May Encounter Copyright Issues During a Live Stream

It’s common to play popular songs during sporting events, and this could create issues when you’re using social media to stream.

Social media platforms like YouTube are very strict about how they handle potential copyright issues during live streams. If YouTube even thinks you might be using copyrighted content in the middle of a live stream, they will take your live stream down and replace it with a placeholder.

More often than not, you might not even know that you were using this copyrighted content during a live stream. But that won’t matter to a social media platform like YouTube. They’re going to shut your live stream down for at least a few minutes until you respond.

You Could Find That a Live Stream Will Be Delayed

You might be surprised to hear that when you use social media for streaming, you may not actually be “live.” Often live streams will have to work their way through a social media platform’s transcoding before people can watch them. This could cause a slight delay and result in people watching a live stream that’s a few minutes behind real-time.

Your Viewers Might be Subjected to Questionable Ads During a Live Stream

When using social media for streaming a sporting event, advertisements will play during breaks or next to your live stream. Unfortunately, you do not have any control over which ads appear. Ads could run that don’t line up with your school’s values or be appropriate for all ages of your audience.

You Won’t Get Access to Customer Support for a Live Stream

No matter how tech-savvy you may be, you might run into complications when you’re trying to live stream. If you do, you’ll want to be able to contact a customer support specialist to lend a hand.

When you use streaming services for schools, they’ll have customer support teams you can contact for help. With social media platforms, you aren’t going to be able to get this same access to customer support.

WSN Provides an Alternative

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