Texas Live Streaming for Friday Night High School Football

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Preventing the Inevitable

WSN has been streaming some of the best high school football for the past ten years. During that time the power house conferences in the south and all across the nation have used WSN as a platform to connect fans, prepare for games, educate students, and amongst other things get visibility for some of their best atheletes.

Texas however has had a ban on streaming Friday night football but on Wednesday June 24th the UIL ruled to overturn the ban on live streams for football games on Friday nights during the 2020 season. Why, well, for a number of years Texas was trying to prevent the inevitable. By not allowing other states and program to easily see this footage they thought that they could prevent other programs from luring Texas talent out of Texas. That, in conjunction with the age old complaint that it will hurt the gate is what most programs say. However, with COVID 19 changing the world in so many ways it was inevitable that live streaming of high school football in Texas was going to become a reality.

So, as the dust settles on the UIL’s decision to allow for the live streaming of Texas high school football games on Friday nights this fall, one thing is for certain. There are now a number of opportunities for students, broadcasters, media companies, fans, and sponsors alike to get in on the action.

And Texas HS Football has some recent reactions from those across the state.

“I’ve actually been saying the last couple months that I hoped the UIL would reconsider its Friday night video ban for at least this year. I was happy to hear they had done so,” said Todd Robison, the Director of Communications and Community Relations for Hutto ISD and the play-by-play announcer for the Hutto Hippos football team. “As a dad of former high school football players, I just can’t imagine the thought of not having been able to watch my sons play. That’s going to be the unfortunate reality for some families this year. Fortunately, we’ll have a way for them to still watch if they can’t be there in person.”

Chad Massey, the athletic director for Brock ISD, shared similar thoughts, which is one of the reasons why Brock ISD purchased cameras to ensure their games could be live streamed to fans at home this season.

“It is important for our community members to be able to view our contests in the way that they feel the safest,” Massey said. “With many at this time feeling more comfortable social distancing, they will want to watch our games from home; therefore, this will provide them with the capabilities to still watch their Brock Eagles and Lady Eagles.”

A Win for Students and Fans of Live Streaming

There’s now a bit of uncertainty of what comes next with just a few months left of the summer and over 1200 Public Texas schools looking for options. One potential option is to try setup a DIY live stream of the action alongside existing radio broadcasts. However, that can become a headache trying to piece together the right live streaming gear from the thousands of sources out there.

Another option will be for big media companies like WSN Live, which airs live coverage of high school sports all across the nation to start covering games across the state on their broadcasts.

“WSN Live, being able to enter the Texas market is a game changer. We’ve been providing some of the best live streaming to high schools all across the country for 10 years now. The students, teachers, ADs, and fans are excited about what WSN Live offers and we look forward to launching in Texas now that the market for Live Streaming Friday night football is there. This also has the potential to interest new students in the field of broadcast” said. Charlie Helms.

With many schools likely to produce their own broadcasts in some fashion, interested students could be given opportunities to get hands-on experience in assisting with their school’s production.

The Best Turn Key Live Streaming Solution

One big question that will have to be answered by each school as they consider their broadcast options is how to get it done. With WSN Live schools get everything in a single turn-key solution and can have the peace of mind knowing that everything fits together to provide the highest HD level broadcast.

WSN Live will go live with you on Friday nights as your streaming partner ensuring that everything streams smoothly and your schools is best represented through a professional level production and broadcast.

Don’t try to do it yourself. Let WSN Live help you live stream your Friday night football games.

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