Why Your School Should Be Streaming High School Events and Performances


Live streaming was already on the rise before the pandemic. But it became a part of everyday life when we were forced into virtual spaces due to social distancing measures and lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

As of 2023, there are an estimated 158.2 million live stream viewers in the United States. Live streams are becoming an expectation for any large-scale event.

Even high schools are now jumping on board because live-streaming high school events is not as complicated as it once seemed.

Live Streaming Is Available to Everyone

Many communities once believed live streaming was only available to more affluent schools.

There were some major misconceptions about live streaming. Schools avoided it because of limited budgets, a lack of support staff, and a lack of training. But that was before COVID-19.

When the pandemic hit, schools were forced to consider live streams to bring the community together. As it turns out, it’s not as complicated or expensive as everyone thought!

The right streaming services require limited skills to operate. They don’t need fancy equipment either. Live streaming can be done using high-end technology or a smartphone camera.

Streaming services also offer tech support, so you don’t have to worry about filling the gaps in training. Everything from the initial setup to the broadcast and post-stream will be overseen with the help of a reliable support team.

Which High School Events Should You Stream?

Streaming the high school football game might seem like an obvious choice. But schools have started streaming a variety of other sports including basketball, hockey, swimming, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and water polo. Live streams are especially popular for streaming tournaments and championships.

Live streaming extends much further than the confines of sports.

Schools have used live streams for arts events like high school musicals, plays, concerts, band performances and chorus. More schools are beginning to broadcast important milestones like graduations and award ceremonies.

Schools can use live streams to broadcast important lectures and host class presentations, using screen sharing and presentation options.

Some schools have even moved their parent and board meetings to a live stream making meetings more accessible, increasing attendance and engagement.

The Benefits of Live Streaming

There are a lot of benefits to streaming high school events.

And while those benefits may differ based on each school’s needs, many of the benefits apply to all schools. Here are a few reasons to live stream school events.


Live streaming removes obstacles and barriers.

Chances are some people would like to attend your events in person but aren’t able to do so. Maybe they struggle with mobility issues. Maybe they live too far away.

Live streaming might mean that an elderly grandparent can watch their grandchild graduate. It might mean that family members living overseas can watch their niece’s championship basketball game.

Streaming makes events accessible to those who otherwise might not be able to attend.

Advertising Revenue

Not only are streaming platforms more affordable than most schools expect, they also create opportunities for revenue growth.

Live streaming popular events like high school sports and performances is bound to draw a large community audience. Why not use that audience to raise extra funding by monetizing your broadcasts?

There are two popular ways of doing this. Some schools have introduced a pay-per-view model in which each viewer pays a bit to help cover the cost of the broadcast or some sell advertising, which is the most effective way to raise funds through a live stream.

If you use the WSN platform, your school will keep 100 percent of the advertising revenue raised. Just think of the school initiatives that more revenue could fund!

Community Engagement

Live streams go beyond the walls of your school. Live broadcasts are a way to engage with the broader community in a meaningful way.

Whether you are setting up community partnerships for your live stream or promoting a local charity, live streaming helps students connect with the world around them.

Streaming also increases engagement. Broadcasting a game live is far more exciting than posting a recording after it has ended. You may also draw in fans from rival schools.

Live streaming will take your audience to new heights.

Real-World Opportunities

Creating a live stream provides real-world opportunities for students. Students interested in video technology, broadcasting, production or IT will get hands-on experience assisting with your school’s live streams.

There’s no shortage of learning opportunities. Students can create graphics, operate the camera, or host play-by-play of the weekly football game.

Students interested in sales and marketing can try their hand at advertising sales. Send your students out into the community to arrange sponsorship for your live stream.

Why Use WSN?

Using a streaming platform like WSN makes streaming high school events simpler than it’s ever been.

In the past, many schools worried that live streaming was expensive and complicated. But using WSN will end those concerns. Here’s how your school will benefit from using our platform.

Content Ownership

Your school wants to create broadcasts you can be proud of. You may even want to store your streams as part of your school’s legacy.

That’s why WSN offers archive capabilities. The space in the archives is unlimited, so you can hang on to all your school’s important moments for years to come.

And unlike other web-hosting platforms, when you create live streams, the content is yours, exclusively. Your school will have 100 percent ownership over the content you create. You can do whatever you want with it.

Ease of Use

Schools are often concerned that setting up a live stream will take a lot of work. They also worry the process will require plenty of training. It is a valid concern, especially if your school is short-staffed.

Using a streaming platform like WSN is easy! Our team of expert broadcasters will assist with the setup.

We’ll make sure your school has all of the technology you need. Don’t worry, you really won’t need much to get started.

Your school will have access to support for tech and streaming before, during and after your broadcasts. Your faculty and students will also gain access to video tutorials to help you succeed.

Our support team can be reached by text, email or phone. They are experienced and ready to help.

Reliable Streaming

Many schools have struggled to set up live streams in the past. Some online streaming platforms use unreliable networks. And if your school hasn’t been well-versed in the technology you’re using, it’s easy for things to fall apart.

If a live stream drops out regularly, it can be hard to build up your audience again. It can also be difficult to coordinate and manage students who are learning how to stream for the first time.

These obstacles make streaming a stressful experience, and it doesn’t need to be.

Our platform uses reliable networks, so you can worry less about your broadcast dropping out or lagging. Your audience will also enjoy multi-bit streaming, which boasts better quality.

Variety of Streaming Platforms

When you stream your high school events, you likely want to reach as many people as possible.

Your viewers can watch broadcasts on a variety of streaming services that they are probably already familiar with. Your school’s live streams can broadcast to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Facebook, Roku and YouTube.

Other Features

One of the obstacles to live streaming in the past was that you needed to schedule a time to go live. With WSN you don’t need you to schedule your broadcasts.

You can go live at any time!

This allows you to cover unexpected events on short notice. For example, if your school’s team makes it to a championship game, you can cover it.

You can also make the streaming experience personalized. Our team at WSN will build a custom website for your stream, which includes your school’s branding.

Your students can customize the viewer experience by adding personalised graphics to your broadcasts. Help boost your school’s culture by adding some school spirit to your live streams.

High School Events Should Be Live Streamed

Streaming high school events felt overwhelming in the past. But that’s not the case anymore. Live streams are here to stay, and our team at WSN is making it simple.

There are a lot of benefits to broadcasting your school’s events. And it’s more affordable and hassle-free than ever before.

Are you looking to set up professional-grade live streams to broadcast your high school’s sports or live performances? Our team can help. Book a call with us today, and start your free 45-day trial with WSN.