How to Watch High School Sports Live

high school sports live

Did you know that over 57% of high school students participate in a sport? Streaming provides benefits for both them and their families. Some can use the platform so college recruiters can see them play. Also, parents, relatives, or friends may want to watch the student play.

More and more schools, students, and families are interested in the benefits of streaming sports. If you’ve never streamed a sporting event, you may be wondering how to set up live streaming for a high school game.

These are the most important things you need to know to have a successful broadcast.

Finding a Streaming Partner

The first thing that you have to do is find a streaming partner for your high school’s live sports. That means that you need to have a reliable website to air your games.

Research what websites provide high schools and colleges with the platform they need to have a successful broadcast. If you don’t have the proper staff or equipment to do this without outside help, teaming up with a third-party can help ensure that these broadcasts go smoothly. You can also consider live streaming a sport on the high school’s website or social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Getting Proper Permission

Before a high school or an organization goes ahead with live streaming sporting events, they will need to secure the proper permissions.

For the high school itself, that is most likely going to come from the athletic director and the principal. This is because the athletic director is typically in charge of the budget for the entire athletic department of a high school. Then, as long as the high school is not part of an athletic conference contract, it would have the green light to film all home games.

If you want to film at other schools, you would have to go through their channels.

When it comes to working around athletic conferences, you will have to make sure that the school’s conference gives approval.


Next, there needs to be an appropriate location to set up equipment for a live stream. It’s important that your mounted camera has the best angle of the arena or court that you are filming.

If possible, choose a location that is slightly above the ground compared to the field or court. This can mean filming on the second floor of a gym or filming in a booth for an outdoor field.

When you are filming outdoors, consider how to make your broadcast weatherproof. Does your equipment have protection from the rain? Are you going to use the roof of a box, or will you need to have a temporary set up for this possibility?

The Right Equipment

The next thing that you need to consider is having the right equipment for a successful broadcast. Obviously, you are going to need a well-mounted camera that can hold up in a variety of weather conditions. If you are going to do most of the filming outdoors, make sure that this camera is water resistant.

You are also going to need the proper internet access to have a successful live stream.

Next, consider the sound equipment you will need as well. If you want to capture sounds on the field, you may need a boom operator. Your broadcasters will need the proper microphones and headphones to properly communicate with the producer of the broadcast.

Proper Staff

Staffing is an important consideration when producing a live stream. From camera operators, to commentators, to someone monitoring the soundboard, you’ll want to make sure you have the people you need in place. With the supervision of faculty and alumni, your students can get real-life broadcast experience. Some schools create a video production club to help run their broadcasts. If you are using a third-party company, they can help you plan for your needs and help train students. You can ask about how many people are needed for a realistic broadcast and what each person will do to ensure that the broadcast goes on without interference.

You can get consultation and equipment from professional third-party companies as well if you do not think the school is ready to take that step on its own.


Finally, make sure that you have an organized schedule of all of the games that are taking place that you want to stream.

Is there more than one sport that you wish to shoot? Are two games from two different teams going to be played simultaneously? Do you want to stream any road games?

Stream High School Sports Live

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