How to Live Stream High School Basketball Games Anywhere in the U.S.

live stream high school basketball

Sports, especially amateur athletics, are incredibly fascinating to watch. Their fans want to catch every minute of the action and know everything they can about the team and players. Thanks to modern technology, fans of teams from all levels of sports can keep up on the action- even on the go!

Do you love watching live high school basketball, but don’t know how to do it online? Learn here how to enjoy your favorite high school basketball live stream from anywhere in the U.S.

High School Basketball Live Stream Service

Finding a site to catch a high school basketball live stream is easy! Not only can you watch games as they happen, but you can also see your favorite games over and over again- all on demand. This benefit is clearly key for fans, families, and teams alike.

WSN Live

WSN Live is an HD quality streaming service that provides live stream high school basketball and other high school sports. WSN allows schools to simulcast their games to a wide variety of platforms.

With the WSN platform, you can catch the basketball game on the school’s website, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and on devices such as Amazon TV and Roku. As long as you have access to the internet or a cell signal, you can watch your favorite high school basketball team- live!

You don’t need to download special software or have advanced know-how to live stream your favorite high school basketball team or any other sporting events.

WSN gives you the ability to catch games live and access to a vast library of on-demand archives. The quality of the WSN streams is top-notch! With crystal clear audio and video, you truly feel like you are right there by the court live.

Stuck at an important business dinner when the game went down? Tune in on your own terms, so you don’t have to miss a minute of the action. You can even catch up on the ride home to avoid any spoilers from friends. (We’re compatible with all mobile devices.)

With WSN, you will know that the streams will have consistent superior quality. Also, the streams are completely safe to watch. So many streaming sites contain adware, spyware, and other content that is harmful to your device. WSN allows you to stream without any hassle or issues!

WSN Basketball Brings You All The Benefits

WSN has been around since 2010 and has focused on the live streaming of high school sports from the start. With years of experience in live streaming, especially in sports, they know exactly what the fans want to see.

WSN provides all the necessary training and equipment to their member schools, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience. By providing all of the hardware, each school is absolutely equipped to provide a quality stream from day one!

When you watch a live stream high school basketball game by WSN, you are supporting the students. Not only do the student-athletes benefit, but you also are supporting the learning and development of the students in the broadcast, film, and graphic design programs.

High School Basketball Live Stream Challenges

Thanks to the enthusiasm of students and adult volunteers, more high school basketball games than ever are being live-streamed online. However, lack of equipment and budgeting issues still prevent some schools from implementing a live streaming program for their sports and other activities.

Why isn’t your school of choice live streaming? How can you get a streaming program started at your school?


Proper personnel is essential to providing the live streams of each high school basketball game. While most schools rely on students, they also need teachers or other adult volunteers to show them how to use the equipment and run a broadcast.

Camera operators are the most essential personnel that you need for a live stream. If you want to step up the presentation, you can bring in graphic designers, play-by-play announcers, and other on-air talents.

Most students with an interest in broadcasting will be eager to learn; they just need the volunteers to show them the way.


Without proper equipment, the stream simply cannot happen. Schools need access to cameras, microphones, and video editing equipment in order to produce a high-quality stream. Thanks to several different programs, this can be provided through partnerships with different streaming platforms.

WSN allows the partner schools to customize their plan to balance the equipment they need and their budget available for the program. By offering a wide variety of customized packages, both the school and fans win! The schools will get everything they need without overspending. Plus, the quality is never compromised due to a lack of proper hardware.


The final hurdle to getting a live streaming program started is reliable internet. In the more rural areas, a stable, high-speed internet connection may not be available. Even if there is adequate internet or cell signals, the school may not have sufficient permissions or may have firewall issues.

Get Started Watching Live High School Basketball!

Fans of high school sports have more access than ever before to their teams. By being able to live stream high school basketball games, they never have to miss out on the action.

Thanks to services like WSN, fans across the nation are learning how to stream basketball games online. It doesn’t matter if you are at home on your computer or sitting on a plane with your phone- keep up with your favorite high school basketball teams with a live stream!

High school sports streaming has never been easier! Contact us today to try WSN out for yourself.