How to Deepen a School Network With Live Streaming

Live streaming can be a big asset when you’re trying to build a stronger school network. You’ll be able to share exciting sports events, ceremonies, and speakers with a wider audience. And in doing so, you can keep both current and former students engaged.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how to deepen your school network with live streaming!

Showcase Your School’s Strengths

Live streaming school events is an easy way to highlight what your school does best. Think of live streaming as a form of marketing that can encourage more people to tune in, whether in-person or online. 

As one option, you can trust that sports events always will have a captive audience. Consider capturing footage of regional semi-finals or Friday night football games under the lights. And you can live stream ceremonies honoring top athletes or sports banquets at the end of the year.

While it’s easy to live stream high school sports events as your main focus, that’s not your only option. Special ceremonies, concerts, and even classes can be great subjects for live stream events.

You’ll give these events a spotlight that can enhance support for different disciplines. Share your orchestra’s latest concert or let your marching band take center stage. Give those watching your live streamed events more insight into what your school does best.

Ultimately, if you’re trying to build your school’s reputation in a metropolitan area, turn to live streaming. You can showcase dynamic teachers, fantastic facilities, and impressive school projects. And you can give students the reins by letting them take the lead on presentations or events.

Offer a Professional Presentation

When anyone can watch your school’s events online, they can get a glimpse of what your school offers. And when the live stream looks professional, you’ll convert that audience into regular viewers.

Clear, sharp content and strong camera angles will ensure that your school and students look their best. Capture close-ups of the winning shot or touchdown at the latest game. Or choose camera angles that show off your school’s new auditorium or updated classrooms.

With well-chosen shots and high-resolution imagery, you’ll make your school stand out from the rest. And aside from the event itself, the polished presentation will speak well of your school. As a result, it might just incentivize more people to relocate to your district or get involved.

You can save live events, too, so people can view them later. Rebroadcasting events enables those who miss them to watch them later. It’s also a gesture of consideration for those with physical limitations that prevent them from attending events in person. 

Empower Your Students

Another benefit of high school live streaming is that it gives your students a sense of empowerment. They’ll love knowing that they’re being featured online.

Further, if students know that an event in which they’re participating is going to have an audience, they’ll be more likely to put their best foot forward. After all, live streamed events can be saved on a platform for future viewing. 

And, better yet, students can spread the word to help expand your audience. They can share links through their social media sites to increase viewership and generate buzz. Sometimes word-of-mouth communication is the best way to help grow viewership.

On the school’s end, it’s wise to create a visible line-up of high school events you’re live streaming that you include on your school’s website. Include a link to that page on your website’s homepage. Then people can simply click a link to be taken to the live or recorded event.

Give Parents a Window Into Your School 

Creating a strong support network starts with engaging parents. Parents may become more interested in getting involved in the school community if they know what’s going on. And live streaming is a convenient way to show parents the breadth of opportunities, even if they’re at work or otherwise busy most of the day.

Parents can tune in to see rebroadcasts of events, like field trips or pep rallies. They can see their children’s teachers in action, leading classroom discussions or introducing speakers. And they can see the sense of camaraderie at their child’s school by watching sports events where the crowd is cheering. 

Parents are already strapped for time with work responsibilities and potentially other children. Live streaming makes it easier for parents to feel connected to what their children are experiencing in their school community. 

Target Your Alumni Network

Finally, live streaming is an easy way to engage alumni. Once students graduate from your school, you don’t want them to lose their sense of connection. Live streaming means that staying connected to the latest events is just a click away.

Make sure to market your live stream events so people know about them, though. Use social media platforms and email lists to connect with alumni. Promotion is the key to making sure broadcast events are well-attended. 

Drum up some buzz, too, to encourage better attendance. You can host viewings for state championship games, for instance, that occur at a local eatery. Or perhaps you can host a live pep rally that people can attend in person and online. 

As another revenue-generating option, use live streaming to host fundraisers for events or causes. Once you’ve established some strong and consistent interest in live streamed events, online fundraisers can be effective. When you’re tapped into a larger network that includes alums, you’ll expand your pool of potential donations. 

Build a Stronger School Network

With live streaming, you can strengthen your school network and build better connections. Even when students have moved on to their next stage in life, they can check in and support their school. You’ll be able to keep alums in the loop and help parents feel invested in their children’s school. 

At WSN Live, we can shine the spotlight on your school’s events. With over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to create professional live streamed events. Contact us today to learn more!