How Much Do Church Live Streaming Services Cost?

Cost of Church Live Streaming Services

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many global changes that no one saw coming. Because thousands of people today stay home for fear of contracting the virus, many churches have opted to live stream their meetings. However, few stop to first ask the question, “What is the best way to live stream church services?”

If you’re part of the community that seeks to find the most affordable, yet most effective way to live stream your church’s services, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on the discover the best church live streaming services out there.

What Are Some Problems Related to Free Church Live Streaming Services?

The list of the number of different ways to live stream is endless—which is why many churches and schools alike have such a hard time deciding which path to take. Many organizations opt to use “free” platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. Yet, they don’t stop to consider the downsides of these seemingly perfect routes.

For example, live streaming on Facebook presents a host of issues related to technology such as glitches, lagging, blurry videos, or slowness. Furthermore, there are very few ways to prevent any of these from happening other than endless waiting for the glitch to fix itself.

Live streaming on YouTube has the same problems as Facebook does. In addition to that, there is no customer service available to call and ask for support. The phrase “You get what you pay for” applies to free live streaming services just as much as it does to physical products.

If you care about the quality of your live stream and want your viewers to have the best experience possible, you should avoid free streaming services. Though you might not have to pay with physical money, you will pay by sacrificing the quality of your video.

What Are Some Other Live Streaming Options?

There are plenty of other live streaming options out there. Boxcast, for example, is quite popular among live streamers. Though not nearly as widely used as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch, Boxcast still receives quite a large amount of public recognition.

Another popular option is Vimeo. This live streaming church service, though not necessarily church-focused nor affiliated—allows you to live-stream whatever you want. However, unlike Boxcast or YouTube, it’s not free; but it is not accompanied by all of the technical difficulties that are present in free services.

A third option is Interestingly enough, they are one of the few providers that serve churches specifically. A benefit of their service is that they provide a service known as “Multi-Canvas DVR.”

If your church has multiple locations around the country or the world, this system allows the other locations to access live broadcasts and rewind all the way back to the beginning if they felt like it—a truly unique feature. Furthermore, like the other services mentioned so far, they offer a variety of plans to choose from.

What Are the Problems With These Options?

All of these other live streaming options seem like good alternatives to YouTube, Facebook, and other free platforms. However, they too have their own problems. The already-mentioned Boxcast does not provide equipment—you have to provide your own.

Even though you are paying to use the platform, you also have to pay the expenses of providing your own cameras, microphones, and all the other equipment needed to live stream your church service.

Vimeo also has other “hidden” expenses that are not noticed at first glance. For example, though you already have to pay to use Vimeo, there is an extra expense required to purchase the premium plan—which is required to live stream. Additionally, Vimeo does not provide equipment—which puts you in the same boat as Boxcast as you have to pay for your own equipment.

Is There an Alternative to These Options?

There is, in fact, a very good alternative to the live streaming services discussed in this article. WSN Live trumps all of these services in just about every area. Though not free, WSN Live gives you the best bang for your buck.

WSN Live provides equipment like cameras, microphones, and everything else needed to live stream church services. However, unlike and other providers, it does not cancel your contract after a certain period of time. In fact, it even offers free computer replacement!

Additionally, WSN Live offers a warranty and service. None of its competitors offer these. If your equipment malfunctions at any time during your live stream, you can count on the WSN Live staff to help you through the issue.

Furthermore, WSN Live provides packages that are tailored to your needs. Whether you need a basic setup or a more advanced configuration to support a full, professional-grade broadcast, you’re covered.
And we can’t forget to mention the stellar customer support that makes sure you get the customer and technical support you need to deliver consistently great quality broadcasts.

Check Out WSN Live Today

Well, there you have it. We have analyzed the pros and cons of free live streaming services as well as those you have to pay for. We’d love to talk to you about your church’s needs. Schedule your completely free call to discuss your package. You won’t be disappointed in your experience!

Download the Church Live Streaming Guide

If you’re not ready to schedule a call, download the free live streaming guide for churches. It’s informative and will give you additional information to help you make the best live streaming decision for your church.