Four Amazing Advantages of High School Sports Streaming

Did you know that 54% of school children play a sport? Their family and friends are a huge source of school support. And if you want to increase their involvement you may want to include high school sports streaming at your events. 

1. Make Extra Money for Your School

One of the biggest reasons to offer high school sports streaming is to make extra cash for your school. Parents, fans, and students can pay a small fee to pay-per-watch or subscribe to get exclusive access to all the school’s sporting events. 

Charging for streaming services replaces the need to buy a ticket at the door or have seasonal tickets for certain sports, plus this cost can be cheaper than in-person attendance. Proceeds from the profits will go back into programs and streaming services. 

Having a streaming monetization plan will also allow you to get paid for local advertising. This means you can support community businesses while making more money for your teams. 

2. Enhance School Spirit and Participation

If your school is struggling, then offering a high school sports live option will help. Students can host live streaming parties to get in the spirit so they can show their support for the team during away games. You can even replay highlights at in-school events, ceremonies, and assemblies. 

Participation will also increase for fans of sporting events. Parents who can’t see their child play in person won’t regret being out of town or busy because they can watch the game from anywhere. 

3. Involve the Community

Local businesses may support educational efforts at the school when they feel like it is part of their community obligation to encourage the next generation. So, companies might offer scholarships, sponsorships, or program support once they become active in sporting activities. 

Colleges in the area see potential recruits when they can view the event from anywhere. This helps your students receive recognition from local colleges that want to engage with high-performing athletes. And when colleges see students doing well in sports, then they also know that students are receiving quality education because high academic performance goes with sport participation. 

Coaches will also be recognized by the community and receive more support as a major part of student success, making them respected within the community as much as teachers. 

4. Let More Fans Watch

You won’t disappoint your fans when your team is at an away game or championship in another county or state. Your fans can go wherever your team goes so they are always showing their support. 

You may even gain old fans from people who attended games once before but now aren’t able to attend because they moved or have other obligations. Restore their devotion to the team by giving them access wherever they are. 

Gaining new fans is also possible because all they need to do is click the button and subscribe from home. Family members and friends may also get them to watch by hosting viewing parties and inviting them. New fans will see how easy it is to watch and how enjoyable cheering for the local school team is. 

Choosing a High School Sports Streaming Service

To get the most benefits from your high school sports streaming, you have to pick a streaming service that makes it simple to set up, and easy for people to watch. You also don’t want to have connection issues or downtime in service. 

Make sure your school’s sports fans never miss a score by choosing WSN Live. We help you set up, launch, and edit post-streaming videos to make your game professional and engaging. 

Schedule a call with us today to discuss the best streaming package for your school.