Best Live Streaming Services for Schools in 2024

Best Live Streaming Services for Schools

Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) projected that video would make up 82% of internet traffic last year. People are clearly consuming video, which means school leaders need to be mindful as more parents, students, and fans watch more school event broadcasts online (e.g., football games, plays, graduations, etc.). And video quality matters now more than ever as a result.

High-quality live streaming of your school’s broadcasts is fully dependent on choosing a live streaming partner for your school who will not only ensure your broadcasts look great but who will also provide the ongoing customer and technical support your school needs.

To that end, we’ve put together a review of top live streaming services for schools. We cover the top live streaming services so you can focus on your content.

Students, Families, and Fans Deserve the Best

Your school’s live streaming audience deserves a professional high-quality streamed event. You also deserve a simple turnkey system that makes it possible. We’ll break down multiple live streaming services by what they provide in gear, network, and service.

Gear Solutions

Depending on your budget, you’ll need live streaming gear, cameras, and other materials. Here is a list of live streaming services in alphabetical order and what they provide:

  • Boxcast: Only provides their proprietary box (encoder) that creates the stream.
  • Blueframe: Only recommends equipment. Nothing is provided.
  • NFHS: Offers a single automated camera, scoring device, and computer.
  • WSN Live: Offers four packages from starter to pro.
  • VIMEO: Only recommends equipment. Nothing is provided.

A Deeper Look at Gear

WSN Live builds packages according to your production team’s experience level. This means you can start with inexperienced volunteers. As your team improves their skill levels, they’ll receive access to more equipment.

To simplify your experience, WSN Live preprograms all the equipment. The cables are color-coded for you to make all the devices plug-and-play.

WSN Live also guarantees their equipment to work. And they will customize the gear to meet your needs.

Live Streaming Network Solutions

No matter what gear you choose, the network drives your live program into your audience’s homes. Uninterrupted quality is a key to live streaming services for schools.

Here is a list of live streaming services network solutions (in alphabetical order):

  • Boxcast: Offers a solid basic plan with an unlimited scale on their premium plan.
  • Blueframe: Their standard offer includes 720p resolution. They offer an upgrade for 1080p high-definition video.
  • Mascot Media: Offers good quality on its small California network. Large event audiences could possibly strain the live-streaming broadcast.
  • NFHS: They use Amazon’s AWS network. When Amazon gives them full bandwidth, their live streams look great.
  • WSN Live: Offers tailored streaming options and simulcast across all platforms. They also send your live stream to the ROKU Channel, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire Stick so families can watch your event like a regular TV show.
  • VIMEO: Only offers live streaming with their premium package. But, the quality is high and they offer simulcasting across participating platforms.

A Deeper Look At Network

The best network packages are from WSN Live and VIMEO. WSN Live provides multi-bitrate streaming with every package. This means your viewers will watch the highest quality level that their device will play.

If the person is watching on a 4K or UHD large screen TV they will receive the show at the highest quality. But if they watch on their mobile device, they will receive the highest quality for their device. And, they can watch it on the platform you choose.

VIMEO only offers live streaming services and simulcasting with its premium plan. They use a reduced number of platforms. Their selection includes most of the popular platforms.

Live Streaming Support Services Offered

This section addresses troubleshooting and technical service calls. Here are the company service offerings:

  • Boxcast: Offers a technical support team, but only during specific hours.
  • Blueframe: Their offerings are not clear, but they do respond to inquiries.
  • NFHS: All service support uses email tickets.
  • WSN Live: Offers live support via phone or text whenever you go live.
  • VIMEO: Live support is available 24/7 through a ticket process. They guarantee their first response within an hour.

A Deeper Look at Service

The clear winner for service is WSN Live. They provide technical support whenever you are live. Their techs are able to remotely see what is happening.

The best part, they’ll stay on the phone and walk you through any troubleshooting in real-time.

Second place would go to VIMEO or Mascot Media. VIMEO will get the job done for you as long as you have a singular issue and can wait up to an hour for their first response. Mascot Media will also be helpful if they are not fielding a call from another school at the same time.

The Best Live Streaming Services

This review of the best school live streaming services looked at gear, network, and service. The clear winner across all categories was WSN Live.

WSN Live packages their gear based on user experience levels. They preprogram all the equipment, color code the cables, and make all devices plug-and-play. Best of all, they guarantee their equipment will work.

The WSN Live network provides multi-bitrate streaming with every package. Viewers are able to watch the highest quality level that their device will play. Plus, your audience can watch your live stream on TV using a Roku device.

When it comes to technical support or service, WSN Live wins this category hands down. They provide support whenever you are live. They’ll even walk you through any troubleshooting in real-time.

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