A Guide to Live Streaming Platforms for High School Sports

Few experiences in life are more thrilling than bonding with a team and making amazing plays during a game. And when fans can cheer on the team, it’s even better. Many schools leverage high school sports streaming to maximize viewership. However, it can be challenging to find the right live-streaming platforms. We’ve created a brief guide that outlines the key information you should know. Let’s explore what to consider when looking through streaming platform options.


Platform stability is one of the most important attributes to look for. If your streaming platform is prone to interruptions or downtime, it could severely mitigate your audience’s experience.

Ongoing Support

Dealing with problems and technical issues on your own can be highly frustrating. Before you make your decision, check the platform’s customer support policy.

It should be easy to get in touch with a representative when the need arises. The company should also provide resources to help you overcome minor contingencies or leverage streaming features.

There’s a good chance you can resolve an error by checking a brief guide on their website, for example. If they don’t seem interested in making it easy for customers to use their service, continue your search elsewhere.

Ad Revenue Split

It’s not uncommon for streaming platforms to take a cut of ad revenue to recoup the costs of providing the streaming service. However, some platforms take much more than others. It’s in your best interest to find one that lets you keep most of your earnings. Some options will allow you to keep 100% of the ad revenue you earn. Before you make your decision, search for opportunities like these so you can maximize your income.

Sharing a percentage of your revenue will add up over time. For example, let’s assume that you’ve generated $10,000 in total ad revenue. If you choose a platform that takes a 70 percent cut, you’ll only earn $3,000 in passive income. With that arrangement, you’re missing out on a large amount of money!

Content Ownership

Under no circumstances should you work with a streaming platform that demands content ownership. Make sure to read the fine print!

With some platforms, after you upload content you may be unknowingly giving away ownership rights to your intellectual property. This can come with a large number of complications. One of the most notable is the inability to repost the content in other places online.

The best platforms will allow you to retain full ownership of your content. Keep this in mind when moving forward so you can make the best decision.


Platforms tend to censor certain types of content. It should come as no surprise that content involving drug use, violence, or sexual activity will be highly regulated. In some cases, platforms will censor religious content as well. In some cases, the platform could ban your account for failure to adhere to its terms and conditions.

Getting Started

After you choose the right platform, continue to monitor how it’s working for you. Listed below are two important to keep in mind.

Maximize Your Audience’s Experience

To maximize the experience your audience has, it’s imperative to remember that they’re always watching. A brief period of downtime can cause viewers to lose interest quickly.

It’s also important to acknowledge your viewers to convey your appreciation. Even a simple statement like “for those following along at home” can go a long way.

Another method you can use is explaining the history behind certain matchups or providing details about individual players for those who may not be aware.

Check Your Analytics

Check your analytics over time to determine your performance. You can gain insight into details like when audience members stop watching your live stream. You can also see information about your audience’s demographic. These nuances will help you create a better experience in the future.

Choose the Right Live Streaming Platforms

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