6 Types of School Events That You Can Live Stream Online

Live streaming is growing in popularity and being used by many schools.

If you’re looking for a way to keep the local community involved in the various events you have at your school, live streaming is the way to go. You can let family, friends, and alumni enjoy the infectious school spirit you’ve cultivated without them having to come to the event or even get off of the couch.

Live streaming school events is also a great way to generate more income you can filter back into school programs. So, what school events should you be live-streaming?

In today’s post, we’ll touch on six types of school events you can broadcast on live stream. As one of the top streaming services for schools, we’ve seen so many innovative ideas come through our airwaves. Keep reading and see how you can revolutionize your school events moving forward.

1. High School Sports

Let’s start with the most popular type of school event – school sports. Every town thrives on its high school football and high school basketball programs. Students love playing and the community – including everyone from students and parents to alumni and other residents – love to watch high school football, basketball, and other sports.

Not everyone is available to come down to the gymnasium or football field to sit in the stands. Giving those people access to the game via live streaming is a great way to boost engagement and school spirit. It’s especially helpful for people who might not live in your town to view the games.

Streams give you the chance to flex your filming muscles a little bit. Sports are best captured with great sound, multiple camera angles, player statistics, and replays. If you get it right, you can have an exciting new way to showcase your student-athletes.

2. Plays and Musicals

For every athletic competition, there’s a group of artists at your school waiting to be seen and heard. Normally, an audience for a school play or musical is made up of immediate family members of the actors and production members.

When you livestream the event, however, you can bring in an entirely new group of people who otherwise wouldn’t get to watch these artists at work. It’s great for instilling a sense of accomplishment in your students that can propel them into more diverse artistic interests.

The logistics of filming plays and musicals can be very simple. With just a few cameras and some strategically placed microphones, you can capture the performance in a very effective way so that those at home feel like they’re really in the audience.

Make sure before you stream that you get the appropriate copyright releases for the material.

3. Cultural Celebrations

High schools are often made up of kids from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds. Strong school leadership will go to great lengths to celebrate this diversity and help everyone learn to enjoy and respect one another’s heritage.

If you’ve got a cultural festival or celebration coming up at your school, it’s a great opportunity to livestream. Giving people around the community access to a cultural celebration that they may know nothing about will help them learn and foster a sense of inclusion around your town.

A few examples of colorful cultural celebrations that you can stream include Diwali, Cinco de Mayo, and the Lunar New Year. Whether you’re celebrating on the school grounds or an event space inside the school, you can easily set up cameras and microphones alongside a strong internet connection to showcase the festivities. 

4. Academic Events

Of course, the school year is always chock-full of academic events. These might include competitive debates, trivia, science fairs, assemblies and awards ceremonies. They’re important to promote learning and celebrate the great young minds that are flourishing at your school.

By streaming these events, you can help the broader community learn a bit more about a given topic. They also allow you to showcase the success of your school’s curriculum to people far and wide.

These are often niche streaming events, but with a bit of creativity, you can make academics just as entertaining as sports or the arts.

5. Graduation Ceremonies

Each year, a new set of graduates embarks on the next stage of their learning journey. Every school celebrates these graduates in its unique way, which you should always try to capture.

Streaming graduation ceremonies allows family and friends who aren’t in attendance to watch their loved ones take this big step. It also gives the graduates themselves the ability to look back on this special day years in the future when they’ve embarked on a successful career. Even teachers may want to look back at some of their favorite students one day.

You can successfully stream a graduation ceremony with as little as one camera and a few microphones. As long as you can see the kids and their expressions, and hear their names called, it’ll be a successful stream.

6. Special News Announcements

With good school leadership and support, you can take money and invest it back into the school and students. If you’ve got exciting new developments coming up, what better place to announce them than on a live stream?

It could be something as simple as a calendar of events for the upcoming school year. It could also be something more serious, like a new football field you’re trying to finance. If there’s something you want to express to the community on behalf of your school, live streaming is a great way to do it.

You could even turn your news announcements into a regular program. A school news broadcast can take the place of traditional school news bulletins. Have students play the roles of broadcasters and live stream weekly to keep the students and larger community involved in the goings on at your school.

Which School Events Will You Live Stream?

Now that you know which school events you could be live streaming, it’s time to tell you how to do it. Acquiring all of the equipment and expertise to properly livestream can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. When you have the right streaming service, however, it’s all done for you.

WSN Live is among the top streaming services for schools all over the country. We’ll help you get set up with the right gear, teach you how to use it, and host your live stream for a seamless viewing experience. Contact us today to discuss your live-streaming ideas and we’ll get you started ASAP.