6 Major Benefits of Sports Streaming Services for Schools

streaming services for schools

If you’re in charge of your high school athletics program, you know that promoting your teams and getting a consistently interested audience is just as important as training your athletes. As technology is developing at a faster pace, there are more ways than ever before to reach a wider audience – and they don’t even have to be physically present. 

Read on to learn why streaming services for schools is such a huge benefit for your program, and how you can effortlessly get started! 

What are Sports Streaming Services? 

Sports live streaming services allow people to watch sports without needing a cable subscription. They provide a direct way to view the game while it’s happening without needing to be physically present, and with the right cameras and streaming software, people are able to view a high-quality stream of the game. 

The six major live streaming services today that allow you to watch professional games are: 

  • fuboTV
  • Hulu+ Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Playstation Vue

All of these services, through a relatively small payment of $45 to $65 a month, allow you to watch live professional sports games such as the NFL, MLB, NHL, and college football and basketball. 

Amazon Prime and other services such as the Fox Sports app and ESPN+ also offer live sports streams, however, they don’t have as big of a selection as the above six. 

Sports fans take advantage of these services because they can watch as many games as they want while saving money on cable fees or tickets.

So what does this all have to do with your high school athletics program? 

You too can stream your own high school games! Now that people are familiar with the technology and cost, streaming your high school games is the next step up. 

Benefits of Sports Streaming Services for Schools

There are a range of benefits to streaming your games that you may not have even considered. The easiest way to think about it is to consider how streaming their games has benefitted the NFL, NBA, or NHL, and scale it down to the high school event. 

1. Engagement

You know that the best time to watch a game when it’s actually happening – not in a recording afterward. Friends and family who weren’t able to attend the game will still be able to watch it live if you’re streaming all of your games.

You can utilize social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, to remind people of game times and to check out the stream once a game has started. People can even share your posts with each other. All of this leads to an engagement that you could never reach without streaming. 

2. Student Involvement

Of course, you don’t need to do all of this social media posting and streaming alone. Students that have an interest in social media marketing, journalism, videography, photography, and broadcasting can have a hand in producing these streams. These hands-on experiences are absolutely necessary in these fields. 

Even students that may not have considered a job in any of these industries can try it out and see if they’ve found a newfound passion or interest.

Join up with your journalism department and see how broadcasting your streams online can benefit all of your students, not just the athletes! 

3. Revenue

Streaming your games can lead to monetization that can be used for other extracurricular activities and supplies that your school desperately needs. You can do this by opening yourself up to deals with sponsors.

Instead of charging fans, you’ll be able to contact local businesses so that they can show their ads on your streams during halftime, before, or after your games. Your current football sideline sponsors could be converted into your digital sponsors. 

4. Multiple Devices

Streaming is a convenient way of watching games because people have the capability of using any device. This further increases engagement because whether they’re at home or at work, people can log-in and view the stream from their phone, laptop, or tablet. 

5. Engaging with Fans

Much like professional games, you also have ways of engaging viewers with extra information on the screen. This can be real-time stats of each player or information on the athletes, such as where they’re planning to go to college or how long they’ve been on the team. 

You could also provide trivia or links during downtime for people to purchase tickets for the next game. Sports games aren’t always captivating, and when there’s a lull in the action you’ll still be able to keep your viewership strong. 

6. Social Media Content

Broadcasting your sports games is an easy way to gather content for your high school’s website or social media accounts. Students that are interested in broadcasting or journalism can compile highlight reels to show the next morning or shareable gifs of the action.  

Not only does more content mean prevalent interest in your athletics program, but you’ll also be enticing potential sponsors and donors. 

Keeping Your Athletics Program Relevant

By streaming your games live, the benefits build on one another. Streaming will naturally increase viewership and the number of fans, making this a great way for local sponsors to market their own businesses. 

This means more revenue for your athletics program and your school’s extracurricular activities that desperately need funding, which will overall slowly strengthen your school. 

Lastly, students interested in broadcasting and journalism will get valuable hands-on experience that could be difficult to find anywhere else. 

Ready to start streaming your high school games? Schedule a discovery call with us today to see what we can do for you!