10 Reasons to Live Stream a High School Football Game

A 2011 survey revealed that 165 million fans attended high school football games in their area. This number has increased in the age of live streaming high school sports.

Going to a high school football game is a highlight for many people. High school football is as popular as ever and still has a massive following.

In this modern day of technology, live streaming high school football is becoming very popular. More and more high schools are taking advantage of this opportunity to branch out.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of live streaming a high school football game.

1. Watch It From Anywhere

The most obvious benefit of streaming services for schools is that you can watch a live stream from anywhere. A live stream allows people who can’t attend a high school football game to still be a part of the action.

This option wasn’t always available for football fans. If they were unable to attend the game in person, there was not much that they could do.

Live streaming has completely changed this, and now a live streamed game can be enjoyed from anywhere. Family members can watch the game from home, even if they are out of state.

You can also watch a live stream on any kind of device. Anyone who has a phone, tablet, TV, or computer has access to a high school football game.

This is something that your fans are sure to appreciate if they want to enjoy the football game. This can be especially useful for games that may not have room for everyone who wants to go.

2. It Can be Replayed

One of the greatest advantages of using technology is that it records the game. When you live stream a high school football game, you are saving that game forever.

Because it is online, that live stream can be accessed again. Just because it’s filmed live does not mean that you cannot watch it again later if you want to.

If someone is not able to watch it live, they can always watch it after the fact. This is a great option for those who are working during the game or want to rewatch it to see what they have missed.

This is a great benefit for high school football coaches. They can rewatch this footage to see how their team could improve for future games.

The students themselves may even want to rewatch the game to see how they did. This can be used as a learning tool to see where they could improve and where they went wrong.

3. Real-Time Fun

When you live stream a game online, you are allowing everyone to enjoy the game then and there. Watching a game live feels different and is much more fun for fans.

They get to engage in real time with what is going on in the game. They have no idea what is going to happen or who is going to win, which helps to increase the excitement.

Watching a recording of a game just isn’t the same since you may know what is going to happen, and you can always fast-forward ahead.

Most live-stream services for schools also allow you to engage with the game. You can leave comments and voice your opinions about what is going on in real time.

For diehard high school football game fans, this is a great option to take advantage of. It allows them to still feel like they are right there watching the game in real-time even if they can’t be there.

4. Revenue Options

Something that many high schools may not realize is that live streaming has revenue options. When you live stream high school football games, you could actually profit from this footage.

High school sports are very popular, and many people support school sports religiously. Having live-streamed games allows you to monetize them to raise funds for your school.

Ads can also be added to live streams to produce revenue. Many schools choose to contact local businesses to run ads during halftime.

You can even turn your current football sponsors into digital sponsors for your live stream. These are a few ways that you can start to produce revenue by live streaming football games.

These profits can go right back into the school or into that particular sport. Schools always need extra funds and this is a great way to diversify the revenue coming in.

One of the best things about this is that the fans themselves are not the ones being charged. You can earn revenue on live streams without negatively impacting your fans’ experience.

5. Better Engagement

Creating engagement in high school sports can sometimes be a challenge. This will depend on the fans and how big your high school is.

Engagement is absolutely vital for high school football games to go well. The students will become disheartened if they do not feel that they are being supported by the community.

Often times this responsibility lies on the shoulders of the families and parents. But this is a heavy responsibility to hold and they aren’t always able to do this on their own.

Live streaming games online is a great way to create more engagement. When you do this, you are creating more ways for the community to enjoy your football games.

People may not necessarily want to take time out of their week to go and sit at a football game. But they may be willing to watch the game on live stream from their homes.

Some live streams even allow fans to leave comments as the game is going on. Different information can also be displayed about the players to keep fans engaged and interested.

There are a lot of ways that a live stream can be used to create more engagement. This is beneficial for the fans as well as the players who are working hard on the field.

6. Social Media Content

One platform that many high schools neglect is social media. This may not seem important, but it can have a huge impact on how successful your high school sports are.

In the day of social media, high school football deserves to have a place on this platform. When you use live-streaming services for schools, you are generating social media content.

Without even trying to, you are creating content that can be repurposed on social media. You can share clips of the game and screenshots on your social media accounts.

Live streams are also a great addition to any high school website. This can give potential students a bird’s eye view into what your high school’s football games are like.

Live streaming also provides an opportunity for fans to post it to their social media accounts. This gains more traction and recognition as more and more people will see this live stream.

7. Student Participation 

Possibly one of the most important aspects of a live-streamed game is creating more participation. It is important to keep students involved in high school sports so that they can continue to thrive.

Without the students, high school sports would cease to exist. With how busy high school students now are, this is a fate that could happen if we are not careful.

When you live stream high school football, you are actively creating student participation. Students who do not want to attend the game can still enjoy it and support their friends by watching the live stream.

They can also become a part of the process and help to make it exceptional. There are all kinds of jobs students can take over to improve how a game is live-streamed.

You can even ask your students to share the live-streamed game on their personal social media accounts. The more that see it, the more fans you could end up finding.

Why Live Stream a High School Football Game

If you are thinking about live streaming a high school football game, there are many benefits to this. This is an option that can help to increase the popularity of your football games.

Every school should consider streaming services to promote and increase engagement.

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